17th - 19th November 2022


We’re proud to be using pollution-reducing Airlite paint our two largest murals;

1.Marie Costa by Neequaye Dreph Dsane
located at Portsmouth Combined Court Centre, Winston Churchill Avenue, Portsmouth, PO1 2EB
2. The Peoples Park by Zoë Power
located at the entrance of Victoria Park, opposite Portsmouth and Southsea Train Station

Airlite paint is a completely mineral paint that has a lower environmental impact than any other traditional paint. What’s more it lets your walls eliminate pollution, bacteria and viruses!

Purifies the air

Airlite purifies the air by neutralising pollutants and harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde. 100 square meters painted with Airlite have the same purifying effect as 100 square meters of mature trees.

Eliminate odours

Airlite is a completely odourless mineral paint because it is free of chemicals such as glues, solvents or other chemical compounds. Thanks to its technology, it neautralises bad odours by breaking down odour molecules without using filters or deodorants.

VOC free

Airlite has a VOC content of less than 0.1 grams per litre, the lowest value among all paints on the market. Not only does it not add VOC to the air, but thanks to its innovative technology it reduces its concentration in all indoor and outdoor environments.

You can find out even more about Airlite paint on their website.


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