17th - 19th November 2022


Project: Fratton Audio Trail

Artist: Majid Dhana ‘JidosReality’
Location: Begins at Sultan Road, Portsmouth PO2 7BH.


The Fratton audio trail begins Sultan Road, Portsmouth, PO2 7BH. It comprises 11 stops.

The trail will be approximately an hour’s walk.

To follow the trail simply download the free Echoes XYZ app to your smartphone and listen to the audio while you follow the inbuilt route map. The trails can either be downloaded for free or streamed. Please bear in mind streaming content will use data and you may be charged.

Download Echoes app here

Got the app already? Head to the trail here.

A spoken word poet who spent some years living on the streets of Portsmouth, including in Fratton and Charles Dickens Ward, Majid’s trail comprises 11 original poems. This piece is not recommended for children and contains themes and content that some might find disturbing.

Artist Bio:

Born in Zimbabwe, Harare, Southern Africa, Majid is a spoken word poet and former Artist in Residence at Aspex Gallery. Following his experience of being deemed statelessness for over three and a half years, which resulted in him becoming homeless, Majid works with people within the refugee or asylum-seeking community. With an understanding of how it feels to have nothing, no liberty or freedom, Majid’s poetry is informed both by his own life and his new home in Portsmouth. He champions other asylum seekers, giving a voice to those who don’t have one.

A frequent collaborator with Journeys Festival International, Majid has contributed to several projects relating to the refugees’ crises, working with organisations including British Red Cross, Friends Without Borders and local organisations dealing with migration, homelessness & displacement. Previous work includes Look Up, with visual artist Natalia Michalska, commissioned for Journeys Festival International (2018), The Container Project (2017); Not Waving but Drowning; and collaborations with the New Theatre Royal. Majid’s work whilst Resident at Aspex Gallery has been featured in exhibitions in Athens. Most recently Majid collaborated with artists to display work at the refugee camps & grave sites in France & Syria.

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