17th - 19th November 2022


A Bottle In The Ocean

Artist: What’s The Point Creations

Location: Victoria Park, Stanhope Road, Portsmouth

All three days, 5pm-9pm

A Bottle In The Ocean is created to promote the actions reduce, reuse and recycle, to take a stand against the world literally drowning in our own waste. That there is still time and every change, no matter how small, really can make a difference.

The project aims to shine a light on the diverse beauty and wonder from our oceans, highlighting the detrimental impact of plastic and pollution.

Here’s what project owner Natalie had to say:
“I wanted to create a piece that shows the oceans variety of creatures to its diverse plant life and the magical scientific enchantment of bioluminescence. The ocean is a constant inspiration for my work and I wanted to emphasise the importance of our roles to preserving and protecting it.

To me it’s not only the practical element of it being a place that holds the largest forests and produces the most oxygen that amazes me. It is a place of discovery and wonderment, an alien planet beneath the surface. The ocean holds the key to the survival of earth but it is the least explored part of the world, we know more about space than the ocean.”

Artist Bio:

Natalie is a self taught artist, local to Portsmouth and Gosport so has always had inspiration from living by the sea. This is a constant theme in her work with Natalie being a huge advocate for the preservation and protection of our seas and green spaces.

Natalie set up What’s The Point Creations 4 years ago, starting out as a dot-work artist, evolving into more colour works and now exploring larger mural pieces. She has been incredibly humbled by the support from Portsmouth during local markets with Love Southsea, The Traders Keep and previous collaborations with Portsmouth Creates. Art is her escape and passion and she says she owes it all to our incredible diverse natural world. Natalie’s aim is to inspire others to see this beauty and to encourage its preservation.

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