17th - 19th November 2022



Artist: Seeded Yarnstormers

Location: St Mary's Churchyard, Fratton

All three days, 5pm-9pm

Using donated and repurposed lampshade frames the Seeded Yarnstormers have created brightly coloured knitted and crochet mandalas to be hung in the trees to glow.

The lampshades have been donated by the Red Cross and Sams Place charity stores in Southsea.

Artist Bio:

Seeded Yarnstormers are a group who come together to create woollen art installations which are shown all around Portsmouth and Southsea to raise funds for various charities.

Our aim is to Yarnstorm to bring a smile, cheer and hope to causes dear to our hearts and show how yarn and yarn crafts can be fun and current.

We use donated yarn and yarn from our own stashes and welcome anyone with a passion for creating.

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