17th - 19th November 2022


The Bit on the Side Show

Artist: Rachel Goodall

Location: St Mary’s Church

Fratton Road, Portsmouth

All three days, 5pm-9pm

“The Bit on the Side Show” depicts a little piece of history in a creative and quirky way. In partnership with Portsmouth Museum & Art Gallery (home of the laughing sailor amusement), Rachel Goodall transports you back to the times of classic seaside amusements and fortune tellers with this engaging installation.

Approach the flashing colorful lights of the Victorian amusement booth and meet Rachella the Fortune-Teller. Follow the instructions on the backing track and watch as the puppet like Rachella reads your fortune. She will gaze into a glowing Crystal Ball, read your palm and then pick a card from the pack, which will be held up for you to read.

The experience lasts 2 minutes per person so you won’t have to wait long if there’s a crowd but you should be on your best behaviour, as A Victorian Lady will be organizing the crowd in a “Godly, officiant and courteous manner”.

This performance is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund as part of the Silver City Complementary Programming project.

Artist Bio:

Rachel Goodall is a neurodivergent storyteller, born and raised in Portsmouth, she runs her own theatre company called Red Sauce Theatre which focuses on “Real life stories of the people from Portsmouth’s – past and present.

She is trained in Contemporary Performance and is fascinated by Physical Theatre.  Specialisms include devised theatre, mime, mask work and puppetry, her work is accessible to everyone regardless of language barriers or disability.

She worked as a teacher/facilitator for 15 years and then began teaching in museums and theatres and even on ships!! She has delivered theatrical workshops and performances within the community for the past 7 years, including harder to reach audiences ie: Veterans, the elderly, those living with dementia and SEND

She enjoys interpreting inspirational stories and events from the past in a unique and creative way that brings our history back to life!


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