17th - 19th November 2022


The Nature of Perfection

Artist: Paul Jones of Splodge Designs

Location: Victoria Park Tunnel, Portsmouth

All three days, 5pm-9pm

The geometric mirror balls and light will transform the tunnel into the feel of a futuristic disco, which will take participants into a journey “in search of the Lost Groove”.

Exploring nature and unusual musical grooves, this multidimensional installation incorporates music, geometric mirror balls and light. Consider the nature of perfection and the importance of particular numbers that exist in nature, for example 6 which is a perfect number. The audience are invited to simply observe or otherwise attempt to join in and respond by dancing to the unusual musical grooves.

The music and concept have been taken from a larger experimental piece called “Odd times- in search of the Lost Groove”. It is a journey through unusual time signatures which explores the beauty of numbers including mathematical and scientific influences.

This tunnel installation creates an entrance to complement the wider theme of nature with respect to the other installations within Victoria Park.

Artist Bio:

Paul Jones is a musician and artist from Splodge Designs. He has utilised his music production experience and combined it with his artistic and technical skills to co-create heritage displays, puppet films and video installations. Splodge Designs is a community arts company that has worked extensively with schools, groups and communities across the Hampshire and West Sussex area.

Image credit: Light and projections with Splodge Designs.


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