17th - 19th November 2022



Artist: Limbic Cinema

Location: Alexandra Park (Close to Alexandra Sports Shop, 60 Northern Parade, PO2 8SR)

All three days, 5pm-9pm

‘Rewild’ by Limbic Cinema is a magical and illuminated interactive projection that invites people to become part of the artwork. Audiences can see themselves projected in realtime on the surface of the building. Playful gestures trigger cascades of butterflies and insects alongside an evolving natural scene.

Collaborating with a local poet, Limbic Cinema has created an experience which promotes positive human action and a more harmonious relationship between us and nature. Sparking conversations about how we can restore and rebalance our natural ecosystems.

Artist Bio:

Limbic Cinema is an award-award winning multimedia design studio specialising in projection mapping and immersive video environments.

Poetry Soundtrack

Holly Mullineaux is a musician, writer and poet from Portsmouth. Splitting her time between Southsea and London, Holly tours regularly with her band Goat Girl, often writing poetry whilst travelling. Mullineaux’s work is perceptive, appreciative and often inflected with a wry sense of humour, taking a particular interest in the human experience and our place in the wider world. She has previously performed at Liv Wynter’s How To Catch a Poet, a night of radical spoken word in Deptford, South East London, and recently organised her first Nautical Fiction night in Southsea, bringing together local open mi-cers, poets from further afield and some of Portsmouth’s most exciting musicians and DJs.

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