17th - 19th November 2022


Mary Rose Trust eXRe project

Artist: CCIXR/Mary Rose Trust

Location: Astoria, 37-39 Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth

All three days, 5pm-9pm

The Centre for Creative and Immersive Extended Realities has partnered with the Mary Rose Trust as part of the eXRe (enabling XR enterprise) project initiative to explore how extended reality can be used to engage and educate visitors, telling the story of the Mary Rose through immersive technology.

One of the outputs of this project is an animated projection, created using 3D models and gaming technologies to depict an underwater journey through the wreck of the Mary Rose.
This 3D rendered animation depicts the exploration of the wreck from a first person perspective, encountering marine life, historical objects that appear in their original location, and segments of the ship that gradually materialise until it builds into its full form.

Artist Bio:

CCIXR is the UK’s first integrated facility to support innovation in the creative and digital technologies of virtual, augmented and extended realities.
Building on the University of Portsmouth‘s recognised expertise and excellence in digital innovation and the application of emerging technologies to different markets, CCIXR provides a specialist focus on innovation for a range of industries, consolidating and enhancing the strength of the creative, digital and cultural sectors in the Solent region.

The Mary Rose Trust is a limited charitable trust, formed in 1979. It is responsible for conserving and displaying the Mary Rose hull and her unique collection of artefacts for this and future generations. The Museum offers a world-class visitor experience and acts as a scientific and educational resource, connecting visitors to an important part of local and national history.

The partnership between the Mary Rose Trust and CCIXR explores alternative ways this history can be communicated and experienced through the latest creative and immersive technologies.


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