17th - 19th November 2022


Through Our Eyes

Artist: Ayse Evans

Location: St Mary's Church, Fratton Road

All three days, 5pm-9pm

Through Our Eyes is a community project where refugees and resettled people use poetry to show us Portsmouth from their point of view. Their thoughts, feelings and words will be made into a poem and projected onto the side of St Mary’s Church.

In Portsmouth we’re lucky to welcome people from all over the world, and even luckier that some decide to stay. Through Our Eyes aims to take an honest look at Portsmouth and the people who live here, open up perspectives you might not have come across before and shout it all from the roof tops (or project them onto the rooftops instead).

Artist Bio:

Ayse is a Portsmouth based writer, facilitator and actor. They trained at East15 acting school and then at the University of Portsmouth. Their writing work includes Squirrels (Shortlisted for the Phil Fox award in playwrighting, and performed at Portsmouth Guildhall), Lodgers (Yellow Coat Theatre Company) and Watching a Whale Fall (Shortlisted by Relish Theatre and supported by the National Youth Theatre).

Ayse believes that art has the unique ability to bring people together by sharing perspectives, and amplifying voices. Art should be for everyone, and much of Ayse’s work focuses on enabling people to access and enjoy it.


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