17th - 19th November 2022



Artist: Air Giants

Location: Victoria Park, Stanhope Road, Portsmouth

All three days, 5pm-9pm

Unfurl is a garden like no other. Nature, art and technology have combined to create something spectacular.

It’s a place where the plants know that you have come to visit and reach out to connect with you. A dreamscape of interactive gentle giant robots made from fabric and air which tower up to 5 metres high. A place full of light, colour and sound, enchanting crowds and individuals alike.

The plants present different personalities with ever-shifting moods to discover. On your visit you might find that the vines flex and dance, the climbing arches offer a playful shelter, and the shy ferns need a bit of encouragement before they come out of their shell. No two experiences of Unfurl are the same.

Air Giants have applied cutting-edge soft robotic principles to large-scale inflatables. Unlike traditional robots, the plants are soft, compliant and safe. Their designs are drawn directly from natures’ rich palette of movement, and they can move in amazing biomorphic ways.

At its heart, Unfurl is an exploration of what connection and interaction mean. It’s a huge and beautiful installation which celebrates the wonder and intelligence of nature’s design sensibilities.

Artist Bio:

Air Giants is a creative robotic studio founded in 2020. The team is comprised of artists, roboticists, puppeteers and software engineers based in Bristol, UK.

The studio has experience working in visual design, animatronics, software development, robotics and puppetry and is passionate about bringing these skills together to make wondrous experiences.

Unfurl has been supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Timber Festival and Greenwich and Docklands International Festival.


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