17th - 19th November 2022


Imaginarium of Dreams

Artist: 1000 Plateaus presents

Location: The Studio Theatre, Portsmouth Guildhall

Guildhall Square, Portsmouth, PO1 2AB

Friday only

7pm – 11pm

The Imaginarium of Dreams is an evening of audio-visual live performance, music, video, dance, theatre and spoken word. An immersive encounter with light, sound and imagination.

Take a journey into the unknown, turn off your mind, relax and float downstream, surrender to the void and drift into a world of uncanny dreams. Let us take you with us as we explore the subconscious and unpick reality for one night only.

Dissonant dreams (Kim Balouch, Tim Cook, Christine Lawrence) – More disturbing than the unknown is a distortion of the familiar.

Triskele (Xuân Sinden, Mai Butoh, Rebecca Alice George) – An inter-generational journey as an old mother, her son & his wife and new mother travel through time and space.

The search to belong (Svetlana Ochkovskaya) – A new series of wearable sculptures, installations, live performances, and film.

Suitcase shadowland (Matt Smith) – Puppetry for a shop window.

Doorways in the Landscape (Running in Reykjavik) – If the landscape had a tarot reading, which cards would turn up?

Cosmic Forest (Frankie Knight) – ‘An artist you should know about’ – Lauren Lavern BBC 6 Music.

What if the cat didn’t come back (Rusty Sheriff) – At least 15% of cat owners lose their pet in a five-year period. 64% are found alive, 34% are not found, and 2% are found dead.

Towards The Ocean (Simon Heartfield) – A reimaging of the film Ghost Dance (1983) that examines the nature of the modern “ghost” and its relationship with technology, philosophy, history, psychoanalysis and literature.

Apnoea (Purple Moon Oneironauts) – Francesca Bonci’s visual poetry walks us through a journey through the emotions she felt during this difficult pandemic year.

1001 Nights (Anabela Costa) – The collective unconscious adopts certain myths.

Five Words (Black Powder Engine) – Tell us about your world in five words: reach, isolate, plan, calm, reflect.

Time: Doors at 6:30pm, starts at 7:00pm to 11pm
Date: Friday 19th November 2021
Tickets: free but must be booked (120 seats available) – book here.

Artist Bio:

1000 Plateaus is a Portsmouth based collective of audio-visual artists and performers operating in the city since 2005. We have staged events in arts centres, galleries, bars and clubs drawing together anyone inspired by the potential for immersive live cinema performances that breakdown the barriers between forms, traditions and practices.

1000 Plateaus embraces the principles of “radical” inclusion, self-reliance, self-expression, community cooperation, gifting, de-commodification, and leaving no trace – and offers creatives an open platform for digital arts, performance and media, a temporary autonomous zone in which to play.

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash


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